Scarborough’s Fate

“Scarborough’s Fate” is set in the Caribbean, in and around Port Royal, Jamaica, in 1717 starting mid-April.

This tale beings with a group of pirates, who had previous been working with Blackbeard aboard the Queen Anne. After capturing another pirate ship, Blackbeard determined that his fleet was getting too large and gave the ship to his second-in-command, Angry Flint Finnegan. Flint then was able to select four other crew members to go with him and take command of the Revenge.

After heading back to Port Royal to man the crew as well as get provisions, the pirates bounties were pretty much dried up thanks to the new Governor of Port Royal. Nicholas Lawes was busy making a name for himself trying to stop piracy in the area around Jamaica.

One day, the Governor offered a reward of 8,000 gold crowns for the return of the Scarborough, a pirate ship damaged in a recent storm and abandoned by its crew.

So, our adventures start off in search of the Scarborough and a bounty large enough to pay the crew and begin their career on the high seas.

Scarborough's Fate

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