Scarborough's Fate

Captain Log 5-23-10

The officers on board were in possession of a key that opens a treasure chest known to be in the hands of a pirate named Bullhead Willows, who has left Hell’s Cove, a pirate hideout on the Mexican Coast. Willows is known to be heading south towards uncharted Rigas Island. Willows believes that the chest he carries is cursed and that a witch doctor on the Rigas Island can remove the curse. In earliest sessions, the crew found a journal that shows something fishy between the current Governor of Port Royal and a deal between the French Pirate, Albert de Montblanc. Montblanc was tasked to watch a hostage for the Governor and turned the hostage over Bullhead as well as leaving the reward chest with Willows. The crew show up a Hell’s Cove just as Willows was leaving and hooked up with Willow’s first mate Paolo, who joins them with a map to Rigas Island.

Prior to the ship getting underway, Captain Angry Finnegan met a special lady, who happens to have a room for rent by the hour and he decides to stay behind and comfort his new lady friend in her time of need. The crew takes a vote and elect Skivver as the new captain.

The Revenge then heads out of Hell’s Cove to seek down Bullhead Willows and locate the chest. As soon as they exit the cavern, Montblanc aboard the Vermillion shouts out – “Gentlemen, this is where it ends. Surrender now or die!” and launches a full salvo of cannons upon the Revenge. The inertia of the Revenge and the closeness of the Vermillion does not give the crew much of a chance to manuerver and line up a good shot. The crew of the Vermillion cast 4 lines over and succesfully attach 3 lines and begins to close the gap between the two ships. Captain Skivver shouts to the crew to open all sails fully that they were going to drag the Vermillion behind them. As the Revenge gained speed, the slow moving Vermillion is forced to change directions as the lines continue to close the distance. The crew of the Revenge cast over their lines and successfully and begin tying down the Vermillion as the boarding planks are dropped into place.

Three crew men from the Vermillion swing over on the ropes, with one of them over-estimating the length falls in the water and gets crushed between the vessels. Safara, the African ex-slave runs over on the boarding plank and slips as the wave splashes up between the ships and he barely hangs onto the plank while the battle ensues.

The boardings continue with a major battle between Captain Skivver and Captain Montblanc with a fierce sword fight concludes with Beautiful James jabbing his sword throug Montblanc’s chest and kicking him, which sent him over the side. Skivver and James got in a heated discussion because Skivver wanted something from Montblanc.

After a search of the ship, the following items were discovered: 2 Masterwork Dueling Rapiers, 3 Masterwork Daggers, 3 Masterwork Blunderbuss Pistols, 3,200 silver and a deed to a small plantation on Jamaica that James found.

The officers decided to keep the Vermillion since it was a larger and faster ship and took the Revenge back into Hell’s Cove and discussed with Chief Gustov and arrange the sale of the Revenge. Any details of the sale will be completed through Angry Finnegan (who might be Happy Finegan at this point). The sale of the Revenge did take place and sold for 8,000 gold crowns, which was a decent amount for a ship in as such of a poor shape after the recent activity. Captain Vance and Chief Gustov approved very much of the previous dealings and the abiity to withhold violence while inside Hell’s Cove and they helped barter a better deal.

The Vermillion then got underway and encountered a severe storm. They set anchor and rode out the storm, only losing one crew member overboard and taking light damage to their ship. They then completed their trip south and came to Rigas Island. About 400 yards north of the land, the crew discovered a damaged vessel, which turned out to be the Majestic (the ship that Willows was captain of) and it was stripped of all provisions, weapons, and supplies. The officers did come across a journal that said Captain Willows spotted some natives and wanted to go ashore and meet them. They seemed “friendly”

Four officers and 10 crew men go ashore and look around some deserted huts, with the only suspicious thing being a pair of waist-high stones with spiral patterns etched in them. The crew also found a large discarded net that looks too large for fishing and must be for larger game. The crew then starts to head inland follow the trails of feet and dragging equipment from the appearance of it. They are surrounded by a group of barely clothed natives armed with clubs and easily dispatch of them. As the crew heads further inland, they discover a fishing village with around 30 adults. The crew pretty much slaughter the villages save 1 barely clad female that Skivver ties up on a post to come back for.

Beautiful James discovers scraps of clothess, European trinkets and a fire pyre with the remains of humans in it. James almost trips over a barely alive crewman off the the Majestic. The crewman tells James that the natives are wicked beasts and are not to be trusted. They were led by a witch doctor or priest of some kind. He tells James that they took him (as in Willows), the chest and the rest of the crew inland to the jungle. And points to a trail as dying.

The decision is made to send the ship around to closer cove and bring reinforcements. As they crew heads over to the cove, some black smoke is spotted in the general direction that the now dead crewman had told James. James and the crew continue heading to the cove to meet up with the ship, while Skivver heads to the burning smoke to see what it is. The smoke was coming from a fire pit in a makeshift encampent outside of the forest. No one is sighted and it is nearing dark, so Skivver heads back to meet up with the ship. However, Skivver does notice a trail heading into the deep forest.

The next day, the group returns to the encampment and find Bullhead Willows, Nicholas Lawes (the real Governor of Port Royal, who was also the hostage) and two other men who are so beat up that they can’t move on their own. Willows shows the crew a drawing in one of the tents that indicates a temple to the south at the base of Moutn Tulcan. He states that he has had enough of the chest and is ready to head out, but Captain Skivver asks that he remains if he wants a ride for his remaining crew. Captain Skivver sends a small group with the Governor back to the ship for safe keeping (and possible ransom) and the rest being their trek to this temple.

The crew reach the Golden Temple has a pair of gold snake statues and gold plating around the entire 150 feet long structure. $$ are showing up in the eyes of Beautiful James. A couple of crew men finally get the large stone doors open and are attacked by a large number of cultist. The crew finally defeat a group in the main entrance and slowly enter the building. They find a large snake statue expelling lava from it’s mouth. The crew moves onto one section of the lower floor and enounter another group with a couple of priest carrying poison throwing knives (1d4 normal and 1d4 poison every round) and poison laced blades on their maquahuitl (1d6+2 normal attack, 1d4 poison every round if fort save fails) (aztec bladed club). When attempting to clear one area, Beautiful James and Skiiver throw a small powder keg and exploded it in a room full of cultist and basically explode every person with 20 feet of it.

This alerts a group of 20 cultist from upstairs and large scale batter ensues, where the cultist are all defeated and only a handfull of the 30 crewman are alive and standing. Now that the area is silent, faint drumbeats are heard coming from upstairs. The remaining crew head upstairs and the drums get louder. Skivver peeks the door open to see a couple of priests chanted in front of naked male crewmen (noted because of his lighter skin), seven tied naked women, and a dozen or so other people in the chamber. The decision is made to roll a powder keg towards the one side and it worked completely and blows up about 6 cultist. The women begin screaming and the one of the priests chops the head of the male sacrifce. One of the crew shoots a priest and he falls to his knees and both priest are chanting louder and louder now. The women continue to scream louder as they notice a orangish tint coming from the oozing blood of the headless corpse.

The crew begin to fight the rest cultist and don’t see the bubling lava coming up from the blood on the floor. As the cultist are defeated, the crew run to get the chest and a lava has formed into the shape of a large man. The god Tulcan has risen from the blood and begins to launch lava balls at the nearest crewmen. He hits one of the crewmen carrying the chest and his shirt material catches on fire causing him to drop the chest. Skivver yells at him to pick up and run and they begin to move again.

Beautiful James at the first sight of the lava god runs and rigs the final powder keg up to the entrance door and quickly departs the premise. The volcano has also began expelling lava and causing earthquakes all over the island.

Skivver and the other crewman are running down the stairs and see lava coming from the ceiling forming into a manshape in front of them. They get out of the entrance just in time as it blows the door frame down with just enough of an opening that the crewman last in line see the lava coming through the cracks.

They return safely to the Vermillion and head out escaping the island, while they hear faint screams of the last remaining woman tied to the post where Skivver left her.

This was the final session of this chapter in the Pirate’s Tale. There are still some outstanding things that could be picked up at a later time such as the return of the Governor. He has offered 1,000 to every officer for his safe return back to Port Royal and what to do with Bullhead and Paolo.

The chest was opening with the key and the following items were found in it:

32,000 gold 4 ornate jewled ivory combs worth 500 gold each a set of ivory pipers worth 500 gold a pouch of fine tobacco worth 50 gold a silver flute worth 250 gold a gold and silver St Christopher’s cross worth 2,000 gold.

And Beautiful James found a small vile containing what appears dessicated bony finger, also known as the Finger of St Anthony the Abbot (gives a +1 bonus to all saving throws).

Thanks for letting me GM this. I had a blast GMing and I hope you had as much fun playing.



Excellent recap to an excellent game, sir! I greatly enjoyed this. Hopefully we can revisit the world of Skivver and Beautiful James one of these days.

Captain Log 5-23-10

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