Scarborough's Fate

Captains Log 5-1-2010

First off, the group was prepping to head to Hell’s Cove after a discussion with Christopher Muere. He informed the group that the skeleton key in their possession was for a treasure chest to be found with Bullhead Willows. Muere gave the group a simple map that shows the location of Hell’s Cove on the Yucatan.

As the PCs are preparing the ship to leave, Soliere asks to come on board and have a chat with the group. He tells the group how he misses his days of being a pirate and gives them specific directions on how to enter Hell’s Cove. The directions were deceptively easy – Head straight towards a ship wrecked Dutch vessel called the Groene Draeck, Then tack a 45 degree angle and they will see the opening.

He then wishes the group well and departs. A few minutes after his departure, a commotion breaks out topside. The group heads up and see a group of strangers attacking their crew. After Beautiful James slits the throat of one attacker, Skivver takes out a few, and Angry Finnegan almost gets taken down, they finally repel the attackers and get underway.

The Revenge takes a western route to the Yucatan with very little issues. Even the trip past Port Royal was uneventful even though a ship was sighted leaving port as they passed.

Once they get close to where Hell’s Cove may be located, they spot an English merchant ship listing to the port side. They crew decide to see what booty they can obtain. Captain Edward Nerrington was interested in parlaying and wanted nothing to do with battle. He had lost a good portion of his crew and lost some of his cargo. He offers the PCs 1,500 gold crowns to just let him be. Skivver throws over a grappling hook. The captain who wanted the Pirates to stay on their own ship.

While the discussion goes on, a 3rd ship comes from the south to join the activity. The Dolor De Santo Domingo, a spanish Pirate, wants in on some of the action. He begins to attack the starboard side of the Revenge.

Back on the Hanby Rose, the captain tells the pirate crew that if they take the ropes back he will throw the bags of gold over. The captain did not have as much gold as he promised and the crew only received 900 gold and 300 lead pieces. The two ships ended up separating and the Revenge goes after the Santa Domingo.

A some very accurate cannon shots, the front end of the Santa Domingo is blown apart and a boarding party ensues. Skivver ends up confronting Captain Rodrigo Incarnacion in a one on one battle. The clashing of weapons occurs and as the Captain begins to run Skivver shoots him in the leg as he jumps off the side of the ship. Skivver then grabs a musket rifle and rolls a natural 20 and take the captain’s head out as he swims towards a life raft.

After the clean up of the ships and the total destruction of the Hanby Rose, the Revenge finds Hell’s Cove and docks. After several conversations at Hell’s Cove, it is determined that Bullhead Willows had obtained a rare map of an uncharted Aztec island knows as Rigas Island and was seeking out a witch doctor to break the “curse” on the treasure check that the group hold the key for. They meet up with Paolo, Willow’s first mate who was left behind as Willows left in a hurry to find Rigas Island.

Paolo tells the group that Willows does have the chest and is trying to find someone to remove the curse so he can open it up. He also tells the group that Willows has a prisoner that he thinks is the Governor of Port Royal.

As the group head back to their ship to leave, they contact Chief Gustavo to off load some of the cargo to store/sell. After making contact, they then are confronted by Adrian Locke and surrounded by twelve others. Locke and his group are part of Montblanc’s crew and they are asking for the treasure chest key. The group back up and escape, while the local militia of Hell’s Cove show up and scatter Montblanc’s men.

The group gets underway and as they depart the tunnel a ship is awaiting them outside. Montblanc stands on the aftcastle and says “Gentlemen, this is where it ends. Surrender now or Die!” and finishes with the eruption of all cannons from his ship.



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