Scarborough's Fate

Logbook of the Revenge

Governor’s Announcement: Anchored the boat off the coast and took a longboat back to dock. The announcement was about a missing ship, the Scarborough, which was lost off the yucatan peninsula. It has been missing for about a week. The reward is 8000 crowns. The Scarborough is a pirate ship under control of Albert de Montblanc. 200 nautical miles SSW of Port Royal. We cut the rudders of four ships and took off to where the last ship was seen.

GM’s Note: There were eight ships moored at main harbor, not including the Revenge. Skivver swam over and cut four of the ship’s rudder until he felt something underfoot. Unable to determine what it was, he assumed shark and it spooked him out of the water.

Day 1: Headed south.

Day 2: Headed south.

Day 3: Headed south. Wind is picking up, 24 knots from the E.

Day 4: Pushed E by a storm. Waiting for the storm to end. I fed the men something I found in a barrel. Wouldn’t eat it myself, but they haven’t found my stash of oranges yet.

Day 5: Winds are northerly at about 20 knots.

Day 6: Northerly wind slows to 18 knots. Our headway north is slowed by this wind. We encountered a small reef in our path, taking a northern route around it while we hope the wind changes. Ship sighted NNW flying Spanish colors. Recognized as the Diablo de Margarita. We moved the ship SSW. Slowed dramatically.

Day 7: Wind is heading NW at 15 knots. The Margarita is moving around the reef. We moved ahead of them, with a luck move to the south of the reef. We may close with them today. Killing other pirates is hard, much rather kill the ones in uniforms.

Day 8: Wind NW again, holding steady. We are coming closer to the Margarita. They started to prepare for attack. We readied our guns. We took out their sails with 3 broadside shots. They sank and we moved on.

Day 9: The wind was out the the East, and we headed down to the area the Scarborough was last seen.

Day 10: Wind was out of the NW and we headed further into the search area. Skivver sighted a ship, though we aren’t sure if it is a real one this time. Sighted off to the SW.

Day 11: Wind out of the north. Approaching the ship. No sign of life, no sails, no flag. The mojo around here is bad. We moved south. The ship was being search by men from a smaller ship on the port side of the beached ship. We began to board the beached ship and the men searching the ship came out and began to attack us. We killed them all. Of course I was deadly with my scimitar, but the others also helped a bit. We found a girl in the crow’s nest who had been there when the ship was abandoned. Her name Julie Muers, and she was captured with the ship by the french pirates. Also found a skeleton key that seems useless for anything on the ship. The name of the captain of the smaller ship was Miles Brooks and his ship was the Breeze. We took possession of the Breeze, towed the Scarboroughof the sandbar and proceeded to tow it back to Port Royal. I took the Breeze as my own and named her the Penelope.

Day 12 – 14: Fair weather, no issues. On the 14th day from port we separated from the Scarborough. Skivver and the Captain took it into Port Royal. They took it into port with a skeleton crew. The rest of us took the other two ships on to Long Bay.

Day 15 – 17: We set anchor to wait for the fallout from the meeting with the Governor. James and Iwere sure that nothing good could come from the meeting, but there was no way either of us was going to be there for it. James wants to rename the Revenge to the Reaper. I thought it was a great name. I guess we are the captains now. He can have the Reaper, I am quite taken with the Penelope. She is quite the little lady.

Day 18: This is the day of the meeting with the Governor. James and I gave the men an extra ration of rum in memory of the others. Began to debate what our next move should be. Began speaking with Miss Julie. She is desperate to get back to a port, and promised information on the key if we would get her to land. She is starting to get quite annoying, her French accent is shrill. I might need to find something to put in her mouth to get her to shut up.

GM’s Note: The meeting with the Governor didn’t go well. After being treated to a nice Dinner – Captain Angry Flint and Skivver were accused of taking something from the ship. Neither the skeleton key or Lady were mentioned. Only the Captain’s private log book was mentioned as missing.

Incomplete crew notes from rumors:

– Spanish Bishop: ?

– The Spanish Silver Route: The Spaniards seem to be using a new route to get their silver back to Europe?

Travel Route



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