Scarborough's Fate

Soliere's men

Captain’s Private Log:

1 May 1717: Skivver and Captain Flint return to ship from Port Royal.Governor LawesNicholas Lawes attempted to capture them instead of paying up. Something about a missing log book missing from the Scarborough inventory. Revenge and Breeze sail mid evening toward Hispaniola. Not enough rations to last to travel anywhere further. See what the captive female wants back home. Weather clear and winds from east.

2 May 1717: Continuing West towards St Domingue. Lady Muere says her estate is in St. Marc a small sugar plantation port. Going to take her word for it, but taking no chances. Winds still favorable from the East about 12 knots. No sign of pursuit from Port Royal.

3 May 1717: Changed direction to a North West direction to head toward port. Temperature cooling a bit, wind steady from East.

4 May 1717: Ship sighted in the distance. Too far to tell merchant, pirate or warship. Wind switched from NE about 13 knots and a light foggy haze on the horizon.

5 May 1717: Attacked the merchant ship Rickets carrying sugar from Port-o-Prince to Port Royal. Took very little damage and gained 18 crew. The rest of the Ricket’s crew wanted to go down with the ship. Beautiful James stripped the Captain’s quarters for new bedding and clothes. Doesn’t look right on him, but what doesn’t? Sank the Rickets as we departed. Skivver almost blew it as the fuse was extinguished prior to gunpowder igniting. Captain Berry went down with the ship as we tied him in the crow’s nest.

7 May 1717: Docked in St Marc. No problems docking. Sold goods and the Breeze for a good payout. Sugar from Rickets didn’t get top crown, but enough to please the crew. After business completed, we headed to Julie Muere’s estate. Smaller than expected and someone had ransacked the house. Muere said she believes her nephew, Christophe may have done it to throw off the pirate Albert de Montblac. She paid us the necklace she promised, so we released her. She also stated that Christophe was the person that could have told us the whereabouts of the chest that this key unlocks. Christophe is rumored to be working with a crime lord, Soliere, in Leogane.

9 May 1717: Arrived in Leogane. Investigated some taverns for details on this Soliere or Christophe Muere. A rowdy group jumped us in the tavern. Not sure if they worked for Soliere or just picking a fight. We were approached by three finely dressed gentlemen that asked to meet with us and our boss later in the evening at Marchard de Gruyere. Believe they were asking about Teach, who we had not worked with for several months.

9 May 1717 (evening): Turned out it was a trap. A dozen armed men and Soliere’s lieutenant Grodin surrounded us and asked us to either betray our boss “Montblanc” and join Soliere or die at their hands. Not sure how they believe we work for Montblanc. They took our weapons and took us to Ville du Sucre Bienfaisant to meet with Soliere.

Met with Soliereand gave him note from Julie Muere with information about us searching for Christophe. He put us through a trust test and we had to take out six of Montblanc’s men. Skivver did go down but Soliere’s medical men stabilized him.

We accepted Soliere’s offer to join him and it gave us free access to Christophe Muere. Finally some answers – Muere told us about the chest. Montblanc had given it to a pirate name Bullhead Willows for watching over a prisoner. Bullhead got bored of babysitting and is trying to find a way to open the cursed chest. Muere also gave us a map showing the location of Hell’s Cove, where Willows will more than likely be found.



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