The Revenge

The Revenge – The Revenge is a tad stouter than other sloops found in common use. She was once part of an escort group that traveled with African slave ships making the Middle Passage, but following a pirate attack on the slave ship she was guarding, the Revenge found herself in the hands of Stede Bonnet, a Barbadian pirate. She has since changed hands many times, but is still in good condition.

The Scarborough

The Scarborough – Until recently, the Scarborough belonged to the French pirate, Albert de Montblanc. He lost her in a nasty storm off the Yucatan. The Scarborough is in somewhat decent condition, but needs repairs. Once fully repaired, the Scarborough would be a fine pirate ship.

The Diablo de la Margarita The Diablo de la Margarita – A former smugglerʼs ship, the Diablo de la Margarita once sailed the waters of the island of the same name. Its former captain, Diego Cardoza, used her to poach the many pearl beds around Margarita. Gaspar Castillogrande, the current captain, captured her a few months ago and sailed the Diablo to Jamaica.

The Breeze

The Breeze – Captain Miles Brooks was searching for the Scarborough, when overtaking by the Revenge. A lighter ship it traveled much faster and was the first ship to arrive.


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